Sunday, 18 December 2011

A slight change in plans

Well I managed to get home on the bike Friday evening without too much problem.

Saturday morning training was the normal Club Swim (1 hour). Our Coach was absent but as always we had a detailed session to complete. Without the normal discussion around each set or drill there was more time for swimming so quite a tough session on balance.

Struggling a bit Saturday afternoon so no training but after a decent sleep was up for a 1.5 hour off-road easy run on the Downs on Sunday at 7:30am. Kept it to zone 1-2, which meant walking up one steep hill. Finished with plenty of energy and time to take my son to rugby.

As it was the last rugby game before Christmas the coaches thought it would be fun to get the parents involved. So you guessed it... a good 1 to 1.5 hours of 'Touch Rugby' for me! I thought I was generally quite fit but playing a different sport with sudden acceleration and a bit of contact was a recipe for disaster and it wasn't long before I had a bit of a fall and an injured left leg - not too bad but enough to be painful, especially when walking up and down stairs.

Anyway, this second week of base training has been quite challenging with me having to change my plans a number of times. I just about got the hours in but worry that some have been banked in the 'junk miles' box. Anyway, still early base training so I am not going to beat myself up. Will publish next week's schedule tomorrow.

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